about the ceat alumni association, inc.

CEAT Alumni Association Inc. (UPAE- UP Los Banos Chapter) is a SEC registered and non-profit organization. It was organized in 1985 by nine (9) CEAT Alumni who served as its first directors. The goals of the organization are to promote the common professional interest and to foster closer relationships, understanding and cooperation among its members. It also envisions to provide means for the further development of the members’ knowledge and skills; to seek ways and means to optimize their contributions to national government; and to give encouragement, motivation and guidance to their collective efforts to pursue the ideals and objectives of the University of the Philippines at Los Banos.

Since its existence, CEAT-AA has been an active partner of CEAT in its various activities. It provides financial support to college activities such as Palarong UPLB, CEAT FOundation Day celebration, CEAT Himig at Sayaw and CEAT Testimonials. The Alumni Associations also supports CEAT-based students organizations for their various activities by way of offering them financial assistance. Medical assistance is also being extended by CEAT-AA to underprivileged CEAT Staff.